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About Us


Our leadership team are very ambitious and dedicated. The managing director has over twenty-five years of experience in the field of security at all levels. He has police and military experience and once a high profile government diplomat advance bodyguard agent. He holds a B.A Hons degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice. The other leadership team members come from a background of business management and running their own successful businesses for many years now who are dedicated to making Raycore Security Limited a very successful security company delivering the best services it can, to the highest level.

About Us

Our Vision

Customer service

Professionalism is our mantra. Security is the first point of contact so we do our best to represent the clients, our company and the individual to maintain a good atmosphere for continuous comfort of safety and a happy environment.

Creating solutions

Continually looking at ways we can improve our services by looking at the way we do things. continuously reviewing our services and implementing the necessary change.


Pride ourselves on a principle where loyalty, ambition and talent can flourish. Our employees are encouraged to function to the highest standards with enthusiasm and commitment to deliver excellent service.

Going the extra mile

This ensures us that we are covering all areas of quality service. We aim to make your experience the best it can be.


We work together with our clients to build sustainable service proficiency and have a clear understanding of how we can assist that is beneficial to them.

About Us

Security You Can Trust

Raycore Security Limited is an established security company with its office located in Central London. The company is industrious and focus on delivering quality security services pleasing to our clients. Willing to go the extra mile. We contemplate on excellence and continuous future stability offering bespoke services in this ever more changing world and where good security services are needed.

We only take on jobs that we are certainly sure we can do by knowing we have the necessary training, experience, and right employees to go the extra mile putting the clients as a priority. We strive on excellence and honesty, continuously focusing on our security officers to be well trained putting them first and in return, they can put the client’s business first.